Notable events of 2019 - Shem graduates and onto RMC

It is the time of the year to reminisce over the highlights that made this year memorable.

The first is of course the graduation of She-Ming Lau-Chapdelaine, with a PhD thesis on Viscous Triple Shock Reflections Relevant to Detonation Waves, and Detonation Dynamics Predicted by the Fickett Model

Shem impressed the members of his Jury (Ashwin Chinnayyaa, Bruno Savard and James McDonald), who nominated him for a thesis prize.

Apparently, they weren't the only ones impressed, as he was invited to be the selected valedictorian speaker at the Convocation ceremony where students of the University of Ottawa received their diplomas.

He has now left to take a job as Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston.

Congratulations Shem, we will miss you!


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