ICDERS 2015 Program ... check.

The last card was placed and the ICDERS 2015 program is now ready.  Thanks to everyone who helped out with the paper review and selection, and hope to see you in Leeds.

(update 5/8/2016 - The 2015 proceedings are now available on line in their permanent repository at  icders.org)

Les jeux sont faits, rien n'va plus!

Monday 3 August 2015 - AM
Plenary Lecture
Paul Clavin Non linear theory for the dynamics of shock fronts and cellular detonations in gases (PL1)
F. Williams (Chair)
Room M1
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
G. Ciccarelli & S. Dorofeev
Rapid compression machines
R. Hanson & Y. Mahmoudi
Flames: electro-magnetic effects 1
V. Kourdyumov & J. Yanez
Diffusion flames 1
D. Dunn-Rankin & U. Maas
Engine hot spots: decay, deflagration, auto-ignitive propagation, or detonation? (184) L. Bates, D. Bradley, G. Paczko, N. Peters
A RCM study on DME-methane-mixtures under stoichiometric to fuel-rich conditions (226) M. Werler, R. Schießl, U. Maas
Experimental study on free jet flow with applied electric fields (88) K. GyeongTaek, W. Lee, J. Park, O. Kwon, S. Keel, J. Yun, M. Kim, S. Lee
A study on self-excitations in laminar lifted coflow-jet flames (44) K. Van, W. Lee, J. Park, J. Yun, S. Keel, I. Lim, M. Kim, S. Lee
On Chapman-Jouguet deflagrations (266) M. Radulescu, W. Wang, M. Saif Al Islam, L. Maley, M. Levin, A. Pekalski
Mild ignition phenomena in rapid compression machines (50) K. Grogan, S.S. Goldsborough, M. Ihme
A study of flame enhancement by microwave induced plasma: the role of dilution inert (145) H. Li, P. Huang, Y.-C. Chao
On blow-out of jet spray diffusion flames (67) B. Greenberg, N. Weinberg
Investigation of quasi-detonation propagation using simultaneous soot foil and schlieren photography (279) M. Kellenberger, G. Ciccarelli
Interpretation of auto-ignition delay times measured in different rapid compression machines (194) D. Bradley, M. Lawes, M. Materego
Experimental study on spreading flame over inclined electrical wire with AC electric fields (33) S. Lim, M. Kim, J. Park, O. Fujita, S. Chung
Experimental study on micro diffusion flame of liquid fuels from a micro tube (100) J. Li, Z. Qiu, R. Yao, N. Wang
G. Ciccarelli & S. Dorofeev
Ignition modeling
D. Bradley & F. Marra
Flames: electro-magnetic effects
V. Kourdyumov & J. Yanez
Diffusion flames 2
U. Maas
Experimental study of 2D-instabilities of hydrogen flames in flat layer (313)M. Kuznetsov, J. Grune, S. Tengah, J. Yanez
Effects of mixture distribution on localised forced ignition of stratified mixtures: A Numerical Investigation (65) D. Patel, N. Chakraborty
Non-premixed impinging flames and CO release under the influence of an electric field (149) Y. Chien, D. Escofet-Martin, D. Dunn-Rankin
Effects of oxy-enriched oxidizer and nitrous oxide addition on characteristics of laminar methane jet diffusion flame (138) H. Lin, G. Chen, T. Cheng, Y. Li, Y.-C. Chao
Deflagration-to-detonation transition in narrow channels: Hydraulic resistance vs. flame folding (1) L. Kagan, G. Sivashinsky
Non-equilibrium reaction rates in hydrogen combustion (244) S. Voelkel, V. Raman, P. Varghese
The effect of pulse electric discharge on the stabilization of turbulent lifted jet flames (227) C. Tzu-Wei, T. Cheng, Y. Chao, G. Chen
Global linear instability analysis of diffusion-flame flickering (218) D. Moreno-Boza, W. Coenen, A. Sevilla, J. Carpio Huertas, A. Liñan, A. Sanchez
Large eddy simulation of flame acceleration and transition from deflagration to detonation (174)
C. Wang, Y. Zhao
Simplifying ignition delay prediction of chemical kinetic models by means of ignition correlations (248) A. Zhou, T. Dong, B. Akih Kumgeh
Magnetic effects on flickering laminar methane/air diffusion flames (215) P. Gillon, W. Badat, V. Gilard & B. Sarh
Flame propagation in the stratified mixing layer between CH4 and CO2/O2 stream (58) C. Wu, K. Chen, W. Yu
Monday 3 August 2015 - PM
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
M. Kuznetsov & E. Oran
Flame dynamics 1
S. Navarro-Martinez & A. Sanchez
Detonations in propulsion 1
S. Frolov and J. Kasahara
Reaction dynamics 1
F. Williams
Numerical simulation of flame acceleration and fast deflagrations using artificial thickening flame approach (217) S. Emami, K. Mazaheri, A. Shamooni, Y. Mahmoudi
Acceleration and extinction of flames in channels with cold walls (222) C. Dion, B. Demirgok, V. Akkerman, D. Valiev, V. Bychkov
Invited Review:
Present status of pulse and rotating detonation engine research (304) J. Kasahara, S. Frolov
On the combustion characteristics of a novel biofuel: heat of combustion and vaporization rate (108) M. Birouk, I. Chowdhury, L. David, M. Sailer, J. Sorensen
Visualization of deflagration-to-detonation transitions in a channel with repeated obstacles (176) S. Maeda, S. Minami, D. Okamoto, T. Obara
Flame propagation in narrow channels at varying Lewis number (258) J. Wongwiwat, J. Gross, P. D. Ronney
Design and testing of a rotating detonation engine for open-loop gas turbine integration (19) A. Naples, M. Fotia, T. Scott, J. Hoke, F. Schauer
The effects of carbon dioxide in oxy-fuel atmosphere on catalyst reaction in a small-scale channel (163) Y. Li, G. Chen, Y.-C. Chao
Shock wave - boundary layer interaction driven auto-ignition and DDT (289) E. Dzieminska, J. Misawa, A. Hayashi
The effect of mixture fraction on edge flame propagation speed (268) P. Wang, H. Song, R. Boles, H. Prahanphap, J. Piotrowicz, W. Li, P.D. Ronney
Analysis of experimental research of continuous detonation of fuel-air mixtures (26) F. Bykovskii, S. Zhdan
A comprehensive and compact mechanism for the oxidation of methyl-decanoate (101) X. Wang, L. Seidel, T. Zeuch, F. Mauss
M. Kuznetsov & E. Oran
Shock tube ignition 1
B. Akih-Kumgeh & E. Petersen
Detonations in propulsion 2
S. Frolov & J. Kasahara
S. Dorofeev and J. Wen
Front tracking of DDT from ultra-high speed video films (192) D. Bjerketvedt,A. Gaathaug, K. Vaagsaether, G.O. Thomas
Invited Review:
Advances in shock tube techniques for fundamental studies of combustion kinetics (260) R. Hanson, D. Davidson
3D numerical simulation on rotating detonation engine: effects of converging-diverging-nozzle on thrust performance (132) S. Eto, N. Tsuboi, Y. Watanabe, T. Kojima, A. Hayashi
Interaction between crosswind and aviation-fuel fire engulfing an aircraft – numerical study (51) H. Wang, G. Wang
X-ray radiographic studies of the deflagration to detonation transition in porous beds of explosives (116) L. Smilowitz, B. Henson, M. Holmes, L. Vaughan, G. Parker
Development of hot spots and ignition behind reflected shocks in 2H2+O2 (20) A. Khokhlov
Numerical investigations of tail Laval nozzle effects on rotating detonation engines (49) D. Wu, R. Zhou, S.-J. Zhang, J.-P. Wang
Dynamic behavior and structure of wind-blown flames (144) M. Gollner, W. Tang, D. Gorham, M. Finney, S. McAllister, J. Cohen, J. Forthofer
Application of high-speed OH-PLIF to DDT experiments (159) L. Boeck, T. Fiala, J. Hasslberger, T. Sattelmayer
Ignition delay-time study of fuel-rich CH4/air and CH4/additive/air mixtures over a wide temperature range at high pressure (191) J. Herzler, M. Fikri, O. Welz, C. Schulz
Numerical investigation on the airbreathing continuous rotating detonation engine (157) S. Liu, W. Liu, L. Jiang, Z. Lin
Modeling optical emissions from HE fireballs (122) D. Grote, A. Kuhl, J. Bell, V. Beckner
Monday 3 August 2015 - All day
Posters 1
Chair: N. Chaumeix
The combustion process of ADN-based liquid propellant in attitude control engine (2)
L. Jing, J. Huo, X. You, M. Zhu, Yao
Minimum ignition temperature of hybrid mixtures of burnable dusts and gases (3)
A. Emmanuel, D. Gabel, U. Krause
Simulation of suspended mixed RDX and Al dust in one dimension with the CESE method (5)
W. Zan, T. Hong, H. Dong
Superadiabatic temperatures in processes of homogeneous combustion of gases (12)
V. Babkin
Reactive flow modeling of density effect on diverging JB-9014 detonation impelling (8)
X. Yu
The influence of magnetic field on RM instability of circular heavy gas eruption (11)
Z. Lin, Z. Chen
Experiments and mechanisms of gas explosion suppression with foam ceramics (18)
B. Nie, L. Yang
Explosion behavior of methane - dimethyl ether /air mixtures (21)
B. Zhang, H. Ng
Numerical simulation of detonations in suspensions of RDX particles (25)
H. Dong, T. Hong, X. Zhang
Numerical simulation for the thermal response of the PBX-2 explosive with confinement on fire (27)
X. Zhang, T. Hong, H. Dong, J. Lou, J. Li
Dynamics of secondary breakup of emulsified fuel drop (32)
O. Girin
Energies of prechamber initiation of detonation in propane-butane-oxygen and acetylene-oxygen mixtures (39)
V. Golub
The effect of oxygen concentration on the burning characteristics of kerosene droplets using spark ignition (40)
S. Yang, M. Wu
Flame disturbance growth induced by a radial flow (42)
T. Tsuruda
Towards second-order algorithm for the pulsating detonation wave modeling in the shock-attached frame (46)
A. Lopato, P. Utkin
Al/CuO nanothermite shell assembled via depositing aluminum nanoparticles onto CuO nanowire array on a copper wire (59) M. Wu, Y. Chiang
Some aspects of rotated detonation waves (61)
A. Vasil'ev
Influence of a dispersed ignition in the explosion of two-phase mixtures (70)
J. Pascaud
Modes of chocked flame instability and transition to detonation defined by the peculiarities of combustion kinetics at rising pressure (71)
A. Kiverin, I. Yakovenko
Development of the constant volume spray combustion chamber for ignition quality testing of Diesel-like fuel (72)
C. Wu, K. Chen, T. Hsu
A re-evaluation of lamppost deflection data in the Buncefield Explosion (265)
R. Rogers, J. Venart
Tuesday 4 August 2015 - AM
Plenary Lecture
Vladimir Fortov Extreme states of matter and rarefaction, generated by explosive driven shock waves (PL2)
A. Kasimov (Chair)
Room M1
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
Astrophysical and terrestrial combustion 1
A. Poludnenko & V. Gamezo
Detonation dynamics 1
A. Matsuo & H.D. Ng
Detonations in propulsion 3
T. Endo
Flame acoustic interactions 1
F. Mauss & K. Vågsæther
Invited Review:
Astrophysical combustion: from a laboratory flame to a thermonuclear supernova (276) A. Poludnenko
Research on detonation propagation in a 90-degree bifurcated tube (204) L. Li, C. Teo, J. Li, P. Chang, V. Nguyen, B. Khoo
Development of a liquid-purge method for valvelss pulse detonation combustor using liquid fuel and oxidizer (81) K. Matsuoka, K. Muto, J. Kasahara, H. Watanabe, A. Matsuo, T. Endo
Direct and indirect combustion noise in an idealised combustor (114) Y. Mahmoudi, A. Dowling, S. Stow
Understanding ignition in Type Ia Supernovae (Invited) (103) M. Zingale, A. Jacobs, A. Almgren, J. Bell, A. Nonaka, C. Malone, S. Woosley
Modeling of Rayleigh scattering imaging of detonation waves (288) G. Bechon, R. Mevel, D. Davidenko, J. Shepherd
Heating and acceleration of particles by high-frequency pulsed detonations (165) T. Endo, R. Obayashi, T. Tajiri, K. Kimura, Y. Morohashi, T. Johzaki, K. Matsuoka
Finite amplitude disturbance interaction with premixed laminar flames (57) M. Aslani, J. Regele
Shock and adiabatic compression ignitions of inhomogeneous gas and two-phase flows (Invited) (197) O. Penyazkov
Experimental measurement of cell size at high pressure (14) C. Stevens, J. Hoke, F. Schauer
Gas dynamics in the inlets of a valveless micro pulse detonation engine (292) Z. Chen, M. Wu
Methane/hydrogen/air flame oscillations in open ended tubes (99) C. Ebieto, N. Amaludin, R. Woolley
Astrophysical and terrestrial combustion 2
F. Williams & A. Poludnenko
Detonation dynamics 2
A. Matsuo & H.D. Ng
Detonations in propulsion 4
T. Endo
Flame acoustic interactions 2
F. Mauss & K. Vågsæther
Turbulent combustion in astrophysical systems (Invited) (24) F. Roepke
Ethylene-air detonation in water spray (300) G. Jarsale, F. Virot, A. Chinnayya
Experimental testing of a rotating detonation engine coupled to nozzles at conditions approaching flight (15) M. Fotia, F. Schauer, J. Hoke
Effects of variation of the flame area and natural damping on primary acoustic instability of downward propagating flames in a tube (153) S.H. Yoon, O. Fujita
Expanding statistically spherical premixed turbulent flames and astrophysical combustion (Invited)(170) A. Lipatnikov
Influence of mechanoactivation on detonation parameters of perchlorate based mixtures (53) A. Dolgoborodov, V. Kirilenko, A. Shevchenko, M. Brazhnikov, V. Teselkin
Influence of gradual expanding channel cutoff on propagation of the toroidal detonation wave (69) M. Wakita, T. Himono, K. Kikuchi, S. Kameyama, T. Totani, H. Nagata
Effects of gas compressibility on the dynamics of premixed flames in long narrow channels (36) V. Kurdyumov, M. Matalon
Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Flames: Speed and Structure (224) E. Hicks
Impact of nitromethane addition on the detonation properties of n-Heptane / oxygen mixtures (311) N. Chaumeix, B. Imbert, S. Abid, L. Catoire, C. Paillard
Modeling of non-stationary gas flow in annular nozzle (22) V.A.Levin, N.E.Afonina, V.G.Gromov, I.S.Manuylovich, G.D.Smekhov, A.N.Khmelevsky, V.V.Markov
Interaction between thermoacoustic oscillation and vortical motions in turbulent swirling premixed flame (206) K. Aoki, M. Shimura, Y. Naka, M. Tanahashi
Tuesday 4 August 2015 - PM
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
Astrophysical and terrestrial combustion 3
E. Oran & A. Poludnenko
Explosions 1
A. Kuhl & M. Lawes
Detonations in propulsion 5
N. Tsuboi & J. Wang
Flame dynamics 2
P. Clavin
Mechanisms of DDT in terrestrial systems (invited)(301) V. Gamezo, A. Poludnenko
Observation of flame propagation and knock in a constant volume vessel (291) Y. Nagano, T. Kitagawa
Towards exhaust gas emissions from rotating detonation engines (75) K. Kailasanath, D. Schwer
Towards identifying flame patterns in multiple injection schemes on a single cylinder optical diesel engine (315)
C. Hong, D. Touloupis, C. Keramiotis, G. Ramaswamy, N. Soulopoulos, G. Vourliotakis, M. Founti, Y. Hardalupas, A. Taylor
Distributed burning in chemical and themonuclear flames (invited) (310) A. Aspden
Suppression of a propane-air explosion using a powdered suppressant (229) J. Chao
Visualization study on the flowfield of rotating detonation (152) W. Lin, J. Zhou, S. Liu, Z. Lin
Flame extinction in buoyancy suppressed methane-air non-premixed counter triple co-flow burner (78) J. Park, J. Park, O. Kwon, J. Yun, S. Keel
Turbulent explosions in H2 enriched CO and CH4 mixtures (232) T. Li, F. Hampp, P. Lindstedt
Propagation characteristics of continuous rotating detonation wave under different temperature air (154) C. Wang, W. Liu, S. Liu, L. Jiang, Z. Lin
Reduced order modeling of self-igniting reaction-diffusion system based on POD technique and k-means clustering (213) K. Bizon, S. Lombardi, G. Continillo
Astrophysical and terrestrial combustion 4
V. Gamezo & M. Radulescu
Explosions 2
A. Kuhl & M. Lawes
Detonations in propulsion 6
N. Tsuboi & J. Wang
Combustion dynamics 1
G. Continillo & J. Yoh
Incomplete detonation in Type Ia supernovae (invited) (297) A. Khokhlov, I. Dominguez
Flame propagation of pulverised biomass crop residues and their explosion characteristics (66) M. Saeed, G. Andrews, H. Phylaktou, D. Slatter, H. Medina, B. Gibbs
Numerical study of propulsive performance of different injection patterns in rotating detonation engine (73) S. Yao, Y. Liu, J. Wang
Nonlinear two-time-scale perturbation theory for transverse combustion dynamics (48) W. Sirignano
Reaction rate closure for turbulent detonation propagation through CLEM-LES (225) B. Maxwell, S. Falle, G. Sharpe, M. Radulescu
The suppression effect of ultra-fine water mist on methane/air explosion in the closed Vessel (97) J. Ren, P. Zhang, Y. Zhou, M. Bi
OH* chemiluminescence images of detonations propagating through the annular channel of a nonpremixed rotating detonation engine (17) B. Rankin, D. Richardson, A. Caswell, A. Naples, J. Hoke, F. Schauer
REDIM based reduced modeling of transient premixed combustion regimes (236) A. Neagos, V. Bykov, U. Maas
Tuesday 4 August 2015 - All day
Work-in-Progress posters 1
Chair: A. Kasimov
Combustion modeling using EUROPLEXUS code (317)
A. Velikorodny
Experimental investigation of detonation behaviors in a non-uniform composition (318)
S. Boulal, P. Vidal, R. Zitoun
Gas generators are based on carbonaceous materials (362)
A. Atamanov, S. Tursyn, M. Tulepov, D. Baiseitov, P. Gulnar, Y. Kazakov, Z. Mansurov
Small-scale experiments in focusing of shock waves using timing delays and shadowgraphs (270)
E. Morris, A. Farmer
Blow-out stability of gaseous non-premixed jet flames (316)
A. Palacios
A unified model to evaluate the effect of strain rate on extinction of premixed and diffusion flames (319)
A. Snegirev
The dynamic behavior of cellular premixed flames generated by hydrodynamic and diffusive-thermal instabilities under the low temperature conditions (320)
S. Kadowaki, T. Washio, T. Katsumi, W. Yamazaki
Investigation of low voltage spark ignition in explosion protection applications (321)
R. Shekhar, C. Uber, U. Gerlach
Quenching and recovering of a lean premixed disk shaped flame by a pulsating nitrogen diluted fuel jet (322)
N. Kotake, Y. Fujikawa, Y. Yahagi, I. Makino
Turbulent flame speed of spherical flame in a fan-stirred closed vessel (323)
J. Goulier, N. Chaumeix
Experimental determination of critical conditions for hydrogen-air detonation propagation in partially confined geometry (324)
W. Rudy, K. Dziubanii, M. Zbikowski, A. Teodorczyk
Detonation development induced by fuel concentration non-uniformity (327)
C. Qi, Z. Chen
Detonation combustion of anthracite particles in an air flow (328)
F. Bykovskii, S. Zhdan, E. Vedernikov, Y. Zholobov
Chemiluminescence Spectroscopy to Explore the Flame Temperature (329)
Y. Kawasoe, H. Hashimoto, O. Moriue, E. Murase, J. Furukawa
Jet fire computational fluid dynamics simulations: validation from an industrial & consultancy perspective (330)
S. Malkeson, T. Jones, R. English
The “GraVent DDT database” (331)
L. Boeck, P. Katzy, J. Hasslberger, A. Kink, T. Sattelmayer
The dynamic of detonation failure in different geometries, and the extension of the critical diameter criterion (332)
R. Sorin, O. Bozier, N. Desbiens, V. Dubois
Energies of prechamber initiation of detonation in propane-butane-oxygen and acetylene-oxygen mixtures (333)
V. Golub, G. Bivol, S. Golovastov
Reaction-diffusion and G-equation approaches reconciled for turbulent premixed combustion modelling (334)
G. Pagnini, R. Akkermans, A. Mentrelli, N. Buchmann
Linear stability analysis of detonation models by direct numerical computations (337)
D. Kabanov, A. Kasimov
The critical transition length from Chapman-Jouguet deflagrations to detonations (338)
M. Saif Al Islam, M. Radulescu, M. Levin, A. Pekalski
Oxygen Fuel MILD Combustion by Reactant Injection Conditions (339)
P. Lee, C. Cha, H. Lee, S. Hwang
Wednesday 5 August 2015 - AM
Plenary Lecture
A. J. Higgins Approaching detonation dynamics as an ensemble of interacting waves (PL3)
M. Short (Chair)
Room M1
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
Detonations with losses
J. Bdzil & L. Bauwens
Explosions 3
J. Chao & N. Chaumeix
Reactive systems 1
F. Marra & S. Shy
Combustion dynamics 2
G. Continillo & J. Yoh
High explosive detonation propagation in slab and rate-stick geometries near the Chapman-Jouguet velocity (128) M. Short, S. Jackson, C. Chiquete
Numerical investigation of constant volume propane-air explosions in a 3.6-metre flame acceleration tube (251) T. Skjold, H. Hisken
Fuel reforming using counter-current heat-recirculating (141) S. Trivedi, S. Koli, A. Lawson, C. Chen, H. Pearlman, P. Ronney
Discrete model of filtrational gas combustion (86 ) F. Sirotkin, R. Fursenko, S. Minaev
Numerical simulations of mildly unstable gaseous detonations in small channels (245) A. Sow, A. Chinnayya, A. Hadjadj
Numerical investigation and comparison of hydrogen/air and propane/air explosion by hot jets (306) A. Ghorbani, S. Fischer, G. Steinhilber, D. Markus, U. Maas
A study of methane hydrate combustion phenomenon using a novel porous cylindrical burner (135) F. Wu, G. Chen, Y. Li, Y. Chao
DMD analysis of experimental PIV data of a swirled jet (208) S. Lombardi, K. Bizon, A. Coghe, F. Cozzi, G. Continillo
Velocity deficits in thin channels for a cylindrically expanding detonation (223) H. Ng, J. Wang, J. Lee
Experimental investigation on micro- and nano-PMMA dust explosion venting (181) W. Gao, J. Li, X. Zhang, X. Yan, W. Ji, J. Yu
Gas turbine burner reactor network construction and application (160) T. Nilsson, C. Perlman, H. Lehtiniemi, D. Lörstad, S. Möller, F. Mauss
Methane combustion dynamics in a diabatic PSR with global, reduced and detailed reaction mechanisms (295) L. Acampora, F. Marra, E. Martelli
Detonations with losses 2
J. Bdzil & L. Bauwens
Explosions 4
J. Chao & N. Chaumeix
Reactive systems 2
F. Marra & S. Shy
Spray combustion
W. Sirignano & T. Skjold
Dynamics of detonations with constant mass divergence (257) B. Borzou, T. Phenix, B. Maxwell, M. Radulescu
Determination of flammability limits of diluted H2/CO/CH4/air mixtures in spherical bomb (237) R. Grosseuvres, A. Comandini, J. Biet, M. Idir, A. Bentaïb, N. Chaumeix
Swirl motion effects on flame dynamic of pulverized olive cake in vertical furnace (302) A. Elorf, N. Mrad-koched, S. Bostyn, B. Sarh, I. Gökalp, B. Izrar, J. Chaoufi
Thermodynamic analysis for combustion at high gas densities (146) A. Jorda Juanos, W. Sirignano
The effect of radius of curvature on the detonation propagating to the unconfied space (179) T. Hayashi, A. Matsuo, J. Kasahara
Large eddy simulations of syngas and biogas explosions accounting for high temperature and pressure effects (299) V. Rao, J. Wen
Numerical study of a laser-induced ethane pyrolysis in a wall-less reactor using a reduced kinetic scheme (303) J. Yang, O. Matar, O. Stadnichenko, V. Snytnikov
Numerical and theoretical investigation of the scalar dissipation rate in laminar counterflowing spray flames (94) H. Olguin, E. Gutheil
Detonation mode and frequency variation under high loss conditions (134) S. Jackson, B. Lee, J. Shepherd
Detonation hazard classification based on the critical orifice plate diameter for detonation propagation (241) M. Cross, G. Ciccarelli, P. Thibault
Sooting behavior of ethane in a micro flow reactor with a controlled temperature profile (284) A. Dubey, T. Tezuka, S. Hasegawa, H. Nakamura, K. Maruta
Statistical analysis of the reaction progress variable and mixture fraction gradients in flames propagating into droplet mist: A DNS analysis (54) D. Wacks, N. Chakraborty, E. Mastorakos
Norbert Peters, 1942-2015
H. Pitsch, F. Williams & A. Liñán (speakers)
D. Bradley (Chair)
Room M1
Wednesday 5 August 2015
Posters 2
Chair: A. Matsuo
The effect of side relief on detonation propagation in a rotating detonation engine (85)
R. Fievisohn, K. Yu
Kinetic analysis of the mechanisms of ignition and combustion of blended fuels comprising hydrocarbons and hydrogen (98)
N. Titova, S. Torokhov, I. Chechet, O. Favorskii, A. Starik
Two-line OH PLIF temperature measurements of flames near a quenching plate (104)
D. Escofet-Martin, Y. Chien, D. Dunn-Rankin
Methane hydrate combustion (105)
J. Santacana Vall, D. Dunn-Rankin
The time of effective energy input for direct detonation initiation in spark discharge (115)
K. Korytchenko, L. Zavada, D. Kudin, S. Rodionov
Numerical investigation of shock wave – dense particles cloud interaction (118)
P. Utkin
Ignition transient of supercritical oxygen/kerosene combustion system (119)
D. Kim, K. Lee, J. Koo
A study on N2O formation/destruction behavior in sewage sludge combustor (127)
A. Nakamura, S. Kinoshita, T. Denda, T. Iwasaki, K. Ishii
Numerical simulations of the diameter effect for nitromethane using ignition and growth model (133)
Y. Sugiyama, K. Wakabayashi, T. Matsumura, Y. Nakayama
Numerical study on direct initiation of cylindrical detonation in H2/O2 mixture: influence of higher-order scheme (136)
T. Niibo, Y. Morii, N. Tsuboi, M. Asahara, A. Hayashi
Explosion damage in the unit 4 reactor building of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (162)
T. Tsuruda
Influence of the temperature of a heterogeneous mixture on the DDT in a small-size pulsed detonation combustor (164)
K. Alhussan, M. Assad, O. Penyazkov
Detonations in capillary tubes with nitrous oxide as an oxidizer (168)
T. Meye, E. Brandes, U. Krause
Turbulent premixed hydrogen flames at high Karlovitz number: A DNS study (172)
Y. Chen, K. Luo
Two-dimensional simulation on detonation wave supported by the cylindrical inner wall injecting premixed gas (178)
J. Fujii, A. Matsuo, J. Kasahara
Study of the morphological properties of ammonium nitrate and decomposition with dextran (182)
Z. Mansurov
Numerical investigation of hydrogen-air mixtures ignition near lean flammability limit (185)
A. Smygalina, M. Ivanov
Flame spread along a paper disk in a narrow channel (193)
T. Daitoku, T. Takahashi, T. Tsuruda
Numerical simulations of ignition and combustion of RDX mixed with gaseous additives (195)
M. Mar, P. Gillard, L. Courty
Ignition delay times of primary reference fuels (196)
M. Fikri
Numerical Simulations of CNG, LPG & H2 lean premixed deflagrating flames (198)
M. Abdel-Raheem, S. Ibrahim, W. Malalasekera, M. Bragin
Thurday 6 August 2015 - AM
Plenary Lecture
Richard Saurel Modelling shocks and detonations in heterogeneous high explosives (PL4)
J. Boris (Chair)
Room M1
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
Gasdynamics of explosions 1
A. Chinnayya
Detonation dynamics 3
O. Penyazkov
Ignition 1
Y.-C. Chao & V. Golub
Flame instabilities 1
J. Regele & A. Sanchez
Theory of weak-shocks interactions with transonic mixing layers (264) C. Huete, A. Sanchez, F. Williams, J. Urzay
The Possibility of Detonation Stabilization in a Supersonic Flow of a Combustible Gas Mixture without Any Expenditure of Energy (41) V. Levin, T. Zhuravskaya, I.S. Manuylovich
Effects of natural convection on thermal explosions in spherical vessels (263) I. Iglesias, A. Sanchez, F. Williams, A. Liñán
Diffusive-thermal instabilities of high Lewis number flames in micro flow reactor (47) T. Miroshnichenko, V. Gubernov, S. Minaev, K. Maruta
Viscous solutions of the triple shock reflection problem (238) S. Lau-Chapdelaine, G. Sharpe, M. Radulescu
A hydrodynamic simulation on reactive shock attenuation in the large-scale gap test of heavily aluminized RDX (129) B. Kim, M. Kim, J. Yoh
Effect of Equivalence Ratio on Ignition and Flame Propagation of n-Hexane-Air Mixtures using Moving Hot Particles (281) S. Coronel, J. Shepherd
Diffusive-thermal instability of low-Lewis-number premixed flames in stretched flow of two slot burners (35) R. Fursenko, S. Mokrin, S. Minaev, K. Maruta
Mach reflection during the oblique interaction of a condensed-phase explosive detonation reaction zone with a rigid wedge (125) J. Bdzil, M. Short, J. Quirk
Behavior of Methane/Oxygen Gas Detonation near Propagating Limit in Small Diameter Tube:Effect of Tube Diameter (139) K. Yoshida, K. Hayashi, Y. Morii, K. Murakami, A. Susa, N. Tsuboi, A. Hayashi
Hot surface ignition and flow separation (267) J. Melguizo Gavilanes, J. Shepherd
Numerical study of interaction between Darrieus-Landau instability and spatially periodic shear flow (247) D. Valiev, A. Gruber, C. Law, J. Chen
Detonation analogs 1
A. Kasimov & A.J. Higgins
Detonation initiation and failure
S. Jackson & J. Melguizo Gavilanes
Ignition 2
Y.-C. Chao & V. Golub
Flame instabilities 2
J. Regele & A. Sanchez
Invited Review:
Detonation analogs revisited (312) A. Kasimov
Study of small scale experiments of detonations in an aqueous foam confinement (77) F. Ballanger, D. Counilh, N. Rambert, A. Lefrançois, J. Haas, A. Chinnayya
Laser-induced ignition of methane and biogas near the lean flammability limit (254) N. Peters, H. Morrow, B. Akih Kumgeh
An analysis of flame instabilities based on Sivashinky equation (261) J. Yanez, M. Kuznetsov
Detonation wave driven by energy of carbon condensation (38) A. Eremin
Higher order DSD calibration of ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (123) C. Chiquete, M. Short, S. Jackson, J. Bdzil
Comparison of the formation of ignition sources due to continuous and repetitive metallic friction (180) L. Meyer, M. Beyer, U. Krause
Formation and evolution of distorted tulip flames (64) H. Xiao, R. Houim, E. Oran, J. Sun
Modelling microbial chemo-tactic waves using adaptive mesh refinement (52) S. Falle
Method of characteristic analysis of gaseous detonations bounded by an inert gas (200) R. Fievisohn, K. Yu
Chemical kinetics of ignition of n-Hexane by a moving hot sphere (290) R. Mevel, J. Melguizo Gavilanes, S. Coronel, J. Shepherd
Critical Peclet numbers for the onset of Darrieus-Landau instability in atmospheric-pressure methane-air flames (231) C. Bauwens, J. Bergthorson, S. Dorofeev
Thursday 6 August 2015 - PM
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
Detonation analogs 2
A. Kasimov & A. Higgins
Gasdynamics of explosions 2
C. Chiquete & K. Kailasanath
Ignition 3
R. Mevel & R. Yetter
Turbulent flames 1
B. Maxwell & V. Gamezo
Magnetic detonation in cystals of nanomagnets (126) M. Modestov, V. Bychkov, O. Yukhymenko, M. Marklund
Investigation of the pressure wave and hot gas kernel induced by low energy electrical discharges (167) S. Essmann, D. Markus, U. Maas
Ignition delay and flame radius for single particle combustion in high-temperature flammable gas/air Mixtures (256) C. Cloney, R.C. Ripley, M.J. Pegg, P.R. Amyotte
Turbulent diffusion of combustion gaseous admixtures (79) T. Elperin, N. Kleeorin, M. Liberman, I. Rogachevskii
Analog system of detonations with losses and pressure-dependent reaction rate (117) X. Mi, Y. Sun, J. Zhang, P. Hu, C. Wang
An immersed boundary method to simulate compressible reactive flows featuring shock-wave interactions with three-dimensional solid obstacles (214) R. Boukharfane, B. Bouvelle, Z. Bouali, A. Mura
Reaction front propagation initiated by a hot spot in premixed n-heptane/air mixture at low temperature (30) P. Dai, Z. Chen
A jet-stirred apparatus for turbulent combustion experiments(308) A.A. Davani, P.D. Ronney
Chaos in a third order nonlinear evolution equation for pulsating detonations using fickett's model (240) A. Bellerive, M. Radulescu
Long distance propagation of shock waves in the open atmosphere (234) C. Proust, K. Vilalta
Auto-ignition of premixed methane/air mixture in the presence of dust (60) V. Leschevich, O. Penyazkov, S. Shimchenko
Flame speeds and self-similar propagation of expanding premixed turbulent flames at high eynolds numbers (95) S. Shy, L. Chen, H. Huang, W. Li
Detonation analogs 3
A. Kasimov & A. Higgins
Detonation initiation
A. Teodorczyk & N. Smirnov
Ignition 4
R. Mevel & R. Yetter
Turbulent flames 2
B. Maxwell & V. Gamezo
Weakly nonlinear dissipative detonations (296) L. Faria, A. Kasimov, R. Rosales
Numerical simulation of direct detonation initiation in H2/O2/ar mixtures with detailed chemistry (45) C. Qi, Z. Chen
Numerical simulation of ignition in ABC – flow modeling 3D turbulence using a GPU-based approach (202) E. Sereshchenko, R. Fursenko, S. Minaev, S. Shy
Sensitivity of scaling exponents for turbulent burning velocity to evaluation method: a numerical study (91) S. Verma, A. Lipatnikov
Laser supported detonation in silica-based optical fibers (307) V. Efremov, A. Frolov, V. Fortov
Energy input into the spark at the direct detonation initiation (112) K. Korytchenko, V. Golota, D. Kudin, A.V. Sakun
Wall film evaporation causing pre-ignition in turbo-charged gasoline engines (10) N. Peters, G. Paczko, H. Pitsch
Transported joint PDF simulation of a turbulent ethanol spray flame combined with a spray flamelet model (96) Y. Hu, H. Olguin, E. Gutheil
Spectral and nonlinear stability of viscous strong and weak detonation waves in Majda's qualitative model (283) G. Lyng
Detonation onset in acetylene – oxygen mixture (209) N. Smirnov, V.F. Nikitin, Yu.G. Phylippov, J. Koo
End-gas autoignition in premixed hydrogen/air mixture (23) H. Yu, Z. Chen
Simulation of turbulent lifted flames and their transient propagation (121) S. Ruan, Z. Chen, N. Swaminathan
A toy model for multi-dimensional cellular detonations (294) L. Faria, A. Kasimov, R. Rosales
On analogy of 2D and 3D combustible mixture flows (250) V. Levin, I. Manuylovich, V.V. Markov
Experimental and kinetic modeling of the oxidation of synthetic jet fuels and surrogates (62) P. Dagaut, F. Karsenty, G. Dayma, Z. Serinyel
Enhancing the stability limits of a low swirl non-premixed turbulent lifted biogas flame (110) M. Saediamiri, M. Birouk, J. Kozinski
Thursday 6 August 2015 - All day
Work-in-Progress posters 2
Chair: M. Radulescu
Improvement of lean H2 combustion CFD modeling for nuclear safety (340)
P. Katzy, L. Boeck, J. Hasslberger, T. Sattelmayer
The development of tubular platinum-emitter reactor for a small-scale thermophotovoltaic power system (341)
J. Hong
Experimental and numerical study of oxygen enrichment on methane diffusion flame in a triple port burner (342)
J. Wu
Influence of turbulent Markstein number on flame front structure and burning rate in premixed turbulent flames (343)
P. Tamadonfar, O. Gulder
Ignition of waste / biomass mixtures deposited as dust layers (344)
N. Fernandez-Anez, N. Dameto de Espana, J. Garcia Torrent, L. Medic Pejic
Revision of the detonation cell sizes from detailed chemical kinetic calculations prediction model (350)
A. Gavrikov, A. Efimenko
More on high pressure ignition kernel development and minimum ignition energy measurements in different regimes of premixed turbulent combustion (346) W. Li, Y. Shiu, S. Shy
Flame development in pulverised biomass (351)
D. Slatter, M. Saeed, G. Andrews, H. Phylaktou, B. Gibbs
Influence of biomass pellet composition on the pulverised pellet flame propagation and minimum explosion concentration (353) M. Saeed, G. Andrews, H. Phylaktou, B. Gibbs
Study on reflected shock bifurcation dynamics (354)
U. Niedzielska, R. Mevel, J. Shepherd, A. Teodorczyk
Dynamics of OH*, CH* and CO2* chemiluminescence in methane and n-Hexane mixtures (355)
N. Urszula, R. Mevel, J. Shepherd, A. Teodorczyk
Molecular dynamics simulations of flame propagation of monopropellant PETN embedded with carbon nanotubes (356)
G. Mo, S. Jain, L. Qiao
A zone model for fast verification of release of ultrafine water mist for fire extinction in compartments (357)
F. Marra
Detonation propagation in the limit of discretized energy sources (360)
X. Mi, E. Timofeev, A. Higgins
Shock in reactive cross-flow under partial confinement (361)
J. Burr, K. Yu
Influence of a DC electric field on the stability of a diffusion flame (363)
W. Badat, P. Gillon, V. Gilard, B. Sarh
Combustion of olive residues in a fluidized bed: Optimization of biomass moisture and operating conditions (364)
B. Sarh, T. Boushaki, M. Asbik, E. Abdallah, S. Bostyn, I. Gökalp
Ignition transient of supercritical oxygen/kerosene combustion system (366)
D. Kim, K. Lee, J. Koo
WSD EOS calibration procedure (369)
L. Darrell, T. Aslam, M. Short
Modling cookoff of a melt-castable explosive in several geometries (370)
M. Hobbs, M. Kaneshige, M. Anderson
Response of premixed laminar flames to equivalence ratio and pressure oscillations using detailed chemistry (TARDIS) (372) N. Malik
Friday 7 August 2015 - AM
Plenary Lecture
Richard Yetter Nano-energetics and combustion (PL5)
A.J. Higgins (Chair)
Room M1
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
Detonation structure
L. Bauwens & M. Short
Shock tube ignition 2
B. Akih Kumgeh & E. Petersen
Laminar flames 1
P. Ronney
Dust combustion 1
M. Liberman & F. Williams
The influence of high-frequency instabilities on the direct initiation of two-dimensional gaseous detonations (56) H. Ng, C. Kiyanda, G. Morgan, N. Nikiforakis
Shock tube measurements of species time-histories during jet fuel pyrolysis and oxidation (262) Y. Zhu, S. Wang, D. Davidson, R. Hanson
Studying the effect of H2, O2 and CO2/N2 Addition on the laminar flame speed of CH4/LPG-air mixtures (7) A. Ibrahim, S. Ahmed
Effect of radiation on the propagation of planar coal dust flames in air (84) R. Houim, E. Oran
A unifying thermodynamic model for the rate of energy release in the reaction zone of solid secondary explosives (107) B. Henson, L. Smilowitz
Investigation of ignition behavior of dimethyl and ethyl isomers of cycloalkanes and furans (269) M. Eldeeb, B. Akih Kumgeh
Premixed flame propagation between two closely spaced parallel plates (166) D. Fernandez-Galisteo, J. Gross, V. Kurdyumov, P. Ronney
Comparison of combustion characteristics of magnesium and aluminum powders (137) R. Lomba, S. Bernard, F. Halter, C. Chauveau, P. Gillard, C. Mounaim-Rousselle, T. Tahtouh, O. Guezet
Acoustic timescale characterization of unreacted pockets in unstable detonation waves (31) J. Regele
Nitromethane ignition behind reflected shock waves (55) O. Mathieu, B. Giri, J. Mertens, E. Petersen
Laminar flame speeds of pentanol isomers : an experimental and modeling study (221) D. Nativel, M. Barone, F. Gourmel, M. Idir, N. Chaumeix
On conditions for self-sustained combustion of pulverised coal particle-laden mixtures following localised forced ignition: A Direct Numerical Simulation (190) T. Brosh, F. Marincola, D. Patel, D. Wacks, N. Chakraborty
D. Bjerketvedt & L. Boeck
Shock tube ignition 3
B. Akih Kumgeh & E. Petersen
Laminar flames 2
P. Ronney
Dust combustion 2
M. Liberman & F. Williams
Effects of boundary layer on flame propagation generated by forced ignition behind an incident shock wave in DDT process (275) S. Ishihara, S. Tamura, K. Ishii, H. Kataoka
Experimental and numerical study of 1-Pentanol pyrolysis in a shock tube at high pressure and high temperature (63) D. Nativel, R. Grosseuvres, A. Comandini, S. Abid, N. Chaumeix
Burning velocities of CH4/air/water-mist premixed flames near the extinction limit (158) Y. Ogami, M. Ito, T. Daitoku, T. Tsuruda
Neutralization of airborne contaminants (371) J. Boris, G. Patnaik
Influence of water mist on flame acceleration, transition to detonation and detonation propagation in H2-air mixtures (161) L. Boeck, A. Kink, D. Oezdin, J. Hasslberger, T. Sattelmayer
Shock-tube study of the addition effect of CF2BrCl on the ignition of light hydrocarbons (43) O. Mathieu, C. Gregoire, E. Petersen
Laminar burning speeds of alpha-pinene/benzene/air mixtures involved in the combustion in forest fires (171) B. Coudour, K. Chetchouna, F. Halter, C. Mounaim-Rousselle, J.-P. Garo
Influence of radiative preheating on flame propagation in gaseous mixtures seeded with inert particles (82) M. Liberman, M. Ivanov, A. Kiverin
Influence of blockage ratio on the DDT and detonation propagation limits for an orifice plate filled tube (243) M. Cross, G. Ciccarelli
Shock tube and modeling study of chemical ionization in the oxidation of acetylene and methane mixtures (37) G. Agafonov, D. Mikhailov, V. Smirnov, A. Tereza, P. Vlasov, I. Zhil'tsova
Experimental and modeling investigation of laminar flame speeds of styrene (106) A. Comandini, N. Chaumeix
Simultaneous mist and flame propagation characterisation studies in a fully-confined bomb (242) D. Pugh, P.J. Bowen, A.P. Crayford, D. De la Rosa, L. Bernard
Friday 7 August 2015 - PM
Room M1
Room E1
Room C1
Room EG
A. Gaathaug & L. Boeck
Turbulent flames 3
A. Lipatnikov & D. Valiev
Ignition 5
I.-S. Jeung & K. Ishii
Dust combustion 3
R. Houim & S. Jackson
Numerical simulation on mechanism of flame acceleration and deflagration to detonation transition for ethylene-oxygen system (189) W. Han, C. Wang, C. K. Law
Modelling of progress variable variance transport in head on quenching of turbulent premixed flames: a direct numerical simulation analysis (92) J. Lai, N. Chakraborty
Ignition delay and MIE measurement for n-decane/air mixture induced by laser-spark (187) N. Mokrani, S. Rudz, P. Gillard
Experimental investigation of the mechanisms of cellular instabilities developing on two-phase flames (235) R. Thimothée, C. Chauveau, F. Halter, I. Gökalp
Large Eddy Simulation of deflagration to detonation transition using artificial thickening (169) S. Yu, S. Navarro-Martinez
Structures of turbulent bunsen flames in the corrugated-flamelet regime (29) J. Furukawa, Y. Yoshida, F.A. Williams
Initiation of detonation in iso-octane/air mixture under high pressure and temperature condition in closed cylinder (90) Z. Wang, X. He, H. Liu, Y. Qi, P. Zhang, J. Wang
An attempt to observe the discrete flame propagation regime in aluminum dust clouds (228) A. Wright, S. Goroshin, A. Higgins
Transition to detonation in non-uniform H2-air: chemical kinetics of shock-induced strong ignition (156) L. Boeck, J. Hasslberger, T. Sattelmayer
Numerical investigation of turbulent lean premixed hydrogen-carbon monoxide combustion at elevated pressures (80) R. Dinesh, H. Shalaby, K.H. Luo, D. Thevenin
Experimental investigation of co-flow effect on ignition process of a methane jet diffusion flame (147) Q. Wang, J. Yang, Y. Wang, Y. Zhang, C. Zhao
Combustion time and ignition temperature of iron particles in different oxidizing environments (259) A. Wright, S. Goroshin, A. Higgins
Reaction dynamics 2
P. Dagaut & P. Varghese
Turbulent flames 4
A. Lipatnikov & D. Valiev
Shock ignition
S. Coronel & I.-S. Jeung
Heterogeous combustion
S.Minaev & K. Maruta
An approximate method for solving the problem of the establishment of chemical equilibrium in the products of explosion of gas mixture (177) V. Shargatov, S. Gubin, A. Krivosheev
Premixed flame propagation in high-intensity turbulence: investigating the role of detailed chemistry (28) G. Nivarti, S. Cant
Numerical study of shock-induced combustion in a hypersonic non-uniformly premixed hydrogen/air flow (13) K. Iwata, S. Nakaya, M. Tsue
On numerical model of two-dimensional heterogeneous combustion in porous media (68) N. Lutsenko
Elevated pressure and temperature effect to laminar flame speed of acetone/air mixture (201) Y. Wu, V. Modica, F. Grisch
Relevance of basic turbulent premixed combustion models for accurate simulations of v-shaped flames (211) K. Kha, C. Locier, V. Robin, A. Mura, M. Champion
Explosion-induced ignition and combustion of acetylene clouds (120) A. Kuhl, H. Reichenbach, J. Bell, V. Beckner
Effect of the initial diameter on the vaporization rate of fuel droplet in turbulent atmosphere: experimental data (111) M. Birouk, P. Toews, I. Chowdhury
A novel application of an isoconversional method for thermal decomposition kinetics of heavily aluminized RDX (130) Y. Kim, J. Yoh, J. Park
Influence of heat release in a premixed flame on weakly turbulent flow of unburned gas: a DNS study (74) A. Lipatnikov, J. Chomiak, V. Sabelnikov, S. Nishiki, T. Hasegawa
Self-ignition of high-pressure hydrogen released by reproducible rupture of diaphragm (155) W. Kaneko, K. Hayashi, K. Ishii
Asymptotic analysis of quasi-steady heptane droplet combustion supported by cool-flame chemistry (175) K. Seshadri, N. Peters, F. Williams, V. Nayagam
Continuation analysis of complex chemical mechanisms for jet-fuels combustion in PSR (298) L. Acampora, E. Mancusi, F. Marra
Blow-off characteristics of turbulent premixed flames in curved-wall jet burner (89) M. Mansour, O. Mannaa, S. Chung
Effects of opening conditions on the self-ignition of high pressurized hydrogen released through a tube (314) H. Lee, S. Lee, J. Park, I. Jeung
Effects of droplet size on hypergolic combustion of hydrazine spray (293) H. Tani, H. Terashima, R. Kurose, A. Kitano, M. Koshi, Y. Daimon
Friday 7 August 2015 - All day
Posters 3
Chair: A. Sanchez
A novel flame chemiluminescence measurement using a digital colour camera (199)
J. Yang, Z. Ma, Y. Zhang
Modeling and numerical simulation of layered coal-dust explosions behind a propagating shock wave (203)
T. Kanno, A. Matsuo
Burning velocity blending laws for methane/air and hydrogen/air blends (212)
T. Al-Mughanam, D. Bradley, M. Lawes, R. Mumby
Criterions for the stability of flame propagation and deflagration detonation transition of carbon monoxide-oxygen mixture (216) Y. Sun, C. Wang
Modeling study of pulsed and continuous detonation in propane/air mixture (220)
V. Kopchenov, D. Babushenko, P. Kuleshov, N. Titova, A. Starik
Shock in reactive cross-flow under partial confinement (230)
J. Burr, K. Yu
Multi-dimensional transport: dns analysis and incorporation into the reaction-diffusion manifold (REDIM) method (233)
R. Schießl, V. Bykov, U. Maas
Thermal radiation contribution to metal dust explosions (239)
R. Ben Moussa, C. Proust, M. Guessasma, K. Saleh, J. Fortin
Two-dimensional numerical simulations of cellular detonation diffraction in channels (246)
J. Li, H.D. Ng, N. Jianguo, J.H.S. Lee
Numerical simulation of multidimensional modes of gaseous detonation (249)
V.A. Levin, I.S. Manuylovich, V.V. Markov
2D and 3D detonation in layered reacting mixtures (252)
V.A. Levin, I.S. Manuylovich, V.V. Markov
Detached eddy simulation of high turbulent swirling reacting flow in a premixed model burner (253)
Z. Mansouri, M. Aouissi, E. Abdallah, T. Boushaki
O-Revealer: Novel technology for demining of histosols by the controlled use of smouldering combustion (255)
G. Rein, X. Huang, F. Restuccia, T. McArdle, P. Idoux
Development of file format and database infrastructure for high explosive reference data (83)
C. Kiyanda, M. Boyce, H. Ng
Three-dimensional cellular structure and propagation process of spherical detonation (273)
R. Iida, M. Asahara, A. Hayashi, N. Tsuboi
Thrust performance evaluation of a rotating detonation engine with a conical plug (274)
K. Ishihara, Y. Kato, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara, A. Matsuo, I. Funaki
Study on intensity of blast wave generated from vessel bursting by gas explosion (277)
T. Matsunaga, T. Mogi, R. Dobashi
The application of Krylov implicit integration factor method in numerical simulation of deflagration to detonation (287)
C. Wang, Y. Bi, J. Ding
Experimental and numerical study of oxygen enrichment on methane diffusion flame in a triple port burner (285)
Y. Li, C. Wu
Flame propagation of highly reactive combustible mixtures in closed pipe with L/D of 51 (305)
S. Sulaiman, R. MdKasmani, A. Mustafa, M. Hassim, R. Rasit Ali, N. Ibrahim, K. Kidam
Investigation on shock wave focusing in 2-stage PDE (309)
Z. Hao


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