Come and join us at ICDERS 2015 to discuss the latest discoveries in the field of reactive compressible fluid dynamics.

The upcoming International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS) will be held in Leeds, UK, 2-7 August 2015.   Extended abstracts are due on 15 December 2014 9th January 2015.

Five plenary sessions will be given:

Paul Clavin Nonlinear dynamics of shock waves and cellular detonations in gases
Vladimir Fortov High explosives for extreme states of matter generation
Andrew Higgins Approaching detonation dynamics as an ensemble of interacting waves
Richard Saurel Modelling shocks and detonations in heterogeneous high explosives
Richard Yetter Nanoenergetics and combustion

Topical reviews and special sessions will be:

Detonation applications in propulsion -Sergey Frolov & Jiro Kasahara
Progress and outstanding challenges in shock tube ignition - Benjamin Akih-Kumgeh & Eric Peterson
Simplified models and analogs of detonation - Aslan Kasimov
Thermonuclear deflagrations and detonations, and astrophysical explosive phenomena - Alexei Poludnenko

More information about the colloquium and the 1st call for papers can be found on the conference’s website below.  

Hoping to see you in Leeds,

Matei I. Radulescu - Chair of Scientific Committee
Malcolm Lawes - Chair of Host Committee

ICDERS 2015 website:


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