on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet: our non-homogeneous flame experiments

The Daily Planet show on Discovery Channel featured our experiments with non-homogeneous mixtures using the soap bubble technique on Monday February 10th, 2014. 

Here is a link to the video.

(4:38- 7:53) Logan Maley, master's student in Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering, shares his research that includes experimenting with reactive gas filled bubbles. The study is being conducted in an effort to gain a better understanding of explosions, and how to prevent a potentially catostrophic explosion in real life.

Logan in front of the large scale shadowgraph system he designed with Kadeem Dennis, now used by Maha Manoubi and Maxime La Fl├Ęche in their research with the soap bubbles.
More results upcoming soon from this work sponsored by Atomic Energy Canada Limited.


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